Piles of Bricks Tour

Piles of Bricks Tour of

Kathmandu Valley and Beyond


TheoEco’s Nepal Project, and the Piles of Bricks “stars” in Nepal invite you to come and spend some time with them on a once in a lifetime trip to Kathmandu and beyond. 


Experience “Piles of Bricks” for yourself. If you’re like most, Nepal is on your list of places to visit. You know how beautiful it is, how exotic it is and how awesome it is...though perhaps in ways you can’t foresee.



March 2017 - TBD

You are responsible for getting yourself to and from Kathmandu--and we provide all food, lodging, and the TheoEco excursions while you are there as part of our tour. Dates are flexible and will be customized to each participant. Minimum tour length is one week (7 days/6 nights).



$895 per week payable in three installments of $298 each. 

Airfare not included. Space is limited.


All tours include:


Lodging – You will stay in comfort at one of the area’s best hotels like the Hotel Himalaya, Hotel Goodwill, Shakya House, and others. Final selections will be based upon availability and demand as we get closer to the trip.


Meals - All meals are provided including nightly dinners at many of the area’s best restaurants. Kathmandu has some amazingly excellent offerings with great food, service, and ambiance.  We will enjoy Japanese, Italian, Americana, Thai, Indian, Pizza, Spanish (Tapas), and other cuisines.  Oh, and of course Nepali!  You will be impressed. 


Daily TheoEco Excursions/tours - We’ll meet many of those introduced, and see many of the places featured (time permitting-all tours are different) in our documentaries including:


  • Tour of Kathmandu Valley                                                           
  • Lele Village                                        
  • Harisiddhi Village
  • Gorkha Region                 
  • Godawari
  • Nazarene Church and Children's Home
  • National Theological College                      
  • Golgotha Church                             
  • Patan Durbar Square and Golden Temple
  • Walking tours
  • Tours of hard hit earthquake areas within Kathmandu
  • Shopping excursions
  • Nepali Tutoring sessions – Namaste!
  • Hair styling/Barbering (Extra)
  • Spa/Healing Bowl sessions (Extra) 


Also included:

  • Nepali cell phone - To stay in touch all tour participants will receive their own prepaid Nepali cell phone.
  • Transfers – All transfers to and from the hotel and airport, as well as tour transportation are provided. We will meet all participants at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport upon arrival.
  • Nepal Visa – A visa will be secured upon arrival


Church services and Christian encounters/Opportunities to help

  • Anglican
  • Assembly of God
  • Baptist
  • Methodist
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • Roman Catholic
  • Others (Most denominations are represented in Nepal)


Other Excursions in Nepal (Separate pricing-not included in basic price)

  • Mt. Everest
  • Pokhara
  • Helicopter tours
  • Hang gliding
  • Trekking
  • Rafting
  • Mountain climbing
  • Biking
  • Cars and taxis          
  • Eco-tours – Tiger, rhino, elephant & other wildlife encounters at Chitwain National Park


Excursions outside Nepal: Side trips to India, China, Bhutan, Tibet, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and many others – You are in the middle of Asia after all!



  • Physical conditioning for village tours a consideration                                                            
  • Expect rain in the summer months                                                           
  • Nepal is relatively easy for English speakers. All guides speak excellent English, as do most service workers in Kathmandu. 




 Do they have broadband, cell phones in Nepal?

  • There is broadband and cell phone coverage throughout the country.

 Is it expensive in Nepal?

  • Nepal is surprisingly cheap to visit.  And Nepal’s economy benefits from tourism so our dollars are welcome.

What’s the predominant religion?

  • Hinduism is the predominant religion, followed by Buddhism.  Christianity is practiced by less than 2% of the population but is growing.

 Do you need a visa?  What shots do you need?

  • Visas are needed but can be acquired when one arrives in Kathmandu.  The typical round of inoculations is required for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, etc.  Precautions for Malaria are also important in mosquito infested regions.  These are typical for most third world countries.

What about electricity?

  • There is still load shedding (rolling blackouts) going on and it can last nearly half a day in multiple shifts. One gets used to it. All Nepalis are--it's part of the fun!

How about kids?

  • One sees a fair number of western children with their expat families. Bobbie Richards was 15 when she went in the fall of 2015. We saw much younger children playing and making friends.


As one of the world's poorest nations, Nepal is no amusement park. Nepal will challenge you – it will make you see the world – and things – a bit differently; maybe a lot differently.  It will shock your sensitivities and sensibilities ever so much, but nothing you can’t handle.  Just walking around, or eating, or interacting – all will take a bit of getting used to.  And as you do you will adjust and begin to get used to a different way of doing things; a different way of seeing things, which you will keep with you the rest of your life, along with a treasure trove of stories, pictures, and memories you will have--forever.  And if you are like most, you will be looking forward to the next trip back.