TheoEco Institute is fundamentally interested in how theology and economics interact, both with each other and with the ecology. 

The following is some of our research and the projects we are working on:

  • Economics in the Gospels – A study of the economic activity in the first four books of the New Testament
  • The Trinity and the Invisible Hand – A tongue-in-cheek look at when God gave mankind Capitalism
  • Gospels on Ferguson – A study related to what the Gospels have to say on Ferguson
  • Jesus Loves Capitalists Too, I'm Sure – An essay on capitalists and what Jesus might have had to say about us
  • Economics in the New Testament: From Acts to Revelation (for completion in 2018) – A follow up to Economics in the Gospels, "Economics in the New Testament: From Acts to Revelation" is TheoEco's latest entry into its "Economics in World Religions" project and tracks the economic activities exhibited in the rest of the New Testament

Other projects currently in development:

  • Economics in Hinduism (a study of the Upanishads)
  • Economics in the Old Testament
  • Research on Christianity in Nepal (in conjunction with the National Theological College in Kathmandu)